No one can take it away from me and no one can tear it apart, 'CAUSE A HEART THAT HURTS IS A HEART THAT WORKS!

Wildciraz feat. Dj Tommyboy and Malaisevid

Wildciraz (feat. Dj Tommyboy and Malaise)

Watch this video and listen to the song if you can. And if you want spread it around a really bit. It's a friend of mine.
asherah Feb 18, 2012
Day 10 - The song you'd like to listen on the radio Placebo's Italian Version of Soulmatesvid

Day 10 - The song you'd like to listen on the radio (Placebo's Italian Version of Soulmates)

Ah! I had to make a video post for this entry because you truly should listen to it. The lyrics of this song are usually breath taking…
asherah Feb 09, 2012

My Hometown - Orte

Orte is a tufaceous rock along the river Tevere, 40 minutes away from Rome. The first attempt at occupaing that rock are dated back to Bronze…
asherah Feb 07, 2012
Day 6 - The song that reminds you of a place Luca Carboni - Mare Marevid

Day 6 - The song that reminds you of a place (Luca Carboni - Mare Mare)

I guess you never heard this song so I tought I may post a video for this entry.   This song reminds me of Scauri and how…
asherah Jan 29, 2012
What's helping?vid

What's helping?

I had a period where music was not a big part of life for me...and I guess this was the lowest part I went. As you…
asherah Jan 16, 2012

Here's the so, so wanted traslation! :D

I’m sorry for the really really bad translations but it’s a paradox: in Italian this is an easy text because is just a long list…
asherah Jun 23, 2011
Ministri - Noi Fuorivid

Ministri - Noi Fuori

New video. It was made all inside a CPT in Milan (for CPT here we mean squats), by a collettive of artists. It took only 800 euros…
asherah Jun 21, 2011
Song in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni - Onadekom with subtitlesvid

Song in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni - Onadekom (with subtitles)

Vittorio was a friend and a hero, a role model for me an my friends. He took his ideals to the most, deciding to live…
asherah May 29, 2011


Go, have a tour into Ministri's official site. Finally, after 5 years!
asherah Apr 30, 2011

Thousands of Italian women in Berlusconi protest

We were far more than 100.000, official countings says there were around one million women and men in Italy's streets today. I wasn't in Rome unfortunately…
asherah Feb 13, 2011
Ministri's new video answering the question What can you do to make a city like Milan look beautiful?vid

Ministri's new video answering the question "What can you do to make a city like Milan look beautiful?"

The director is Fabio D'Orta, the girl you see in the video is Sofia from Iori's Eyes band, check them out.
asherah Jan 22, 2011
Ministri - Il Bel Cantovid

Ministri - Il Bel Canto

So. My vid! I wasn't in the front row this time 'cause one of my friend wasn't in the mood to be around sweaty people. Anyway…
asherah Nov 14, 2010
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