No one can take it away from me and no one can tear it apart, 'CAUSE A HEART THAT HURTS IS A HEART THAT WORKS!

Goin' down...

An imagine of our big family coming down the woody cech hills in September....
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asherah Dec 20, 2012
Past and Presentpic

Past and Present

Past: during the first week of September our twinning project took us to the second trip (the first one was in Cyprus in June), this…
asherah Dec 09, 2012

An imagine from the flood

Usually, when the river comes up it rarely arrive to touch the barns (which were build there because the river won't get them under). This…
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asherah Dec 08, 2012

Ancient Idalion

First day we climbed up ancient Idalion's acropolis. It was really hot (up to 45 degrees) at 9.00 am!!. The usual legend for the creation of…
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asherah Jun 27, 2012


Random Pics And Suff
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asherah Jun 16, 2012

Cesare Borgia

You know the motto: "The end justifies the means"? It was inspired by this man (well not exactly THIS man but...). Cesare Borgia was the son of…
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asherah Jun 09, 2012

Sometimes it's good to be at work until late

because then you happen to see things like that.   I was stressed having to stay in Orte until 8.00 p.m. yesterday, but while going home I…
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asherah Jun 03, 2012
Dante Di Nannipic

Dante Di Nanni

Today was Liberation Day in Italy. So far this is the most discussed festivity in this hell of a country. I guess many of you around…
asherah Apr 25, 2012

House at the end of the world #2

Another pic from the ruins. Here you can see how the ground floor was on archs.
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asherah Apr 24, 2012
Apocalypse Madonna 1pic

Apocalypse Madonna 1

This is a creation from my fellow Agostino Wildciraz. He's selling some of his paintings to get the money to product his first album, he's a…
asherah Apr 19, 2012

Languages (Buzznet Storytellers Assignement)

So. I don't speak too many lanuages. The only foreign language I'm confortable with is obviously english. I didn't learn it in school. I basically learned english…
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asherah Apr 19, 2012
Fiuu...I'm back!pic

Fiuu...I'm back!

I had some weeks of pure craziness here in Orte. Besides the eating and all for Easter, I had a lot of work to do…
asherah Apr 17, 2012
Newborn pumpkin...pic

Newborn pumpkin...

This little cute pumpkin's plant born three days ago, still has the seed attached :D
asherah Mar 20, 2012
Cat's gardenpic

Cat's garden

While my daily walking I passed by this well kept garden full of cats...Can you distinguish real cats from statues?
asherah Mar 19, 2012

The good old times..

I went walking again yesterday and passed by our old public laundry. This was the place where women went to wash clothes. When I was…
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asherah Mar 18, 2012
He's a beauty and he's weirdpic

He's a beauty and he's weird

That's a pretty strange monday guys...I feel so energized!
asherah Mar 12, 2012
In peace the son bury his father, in war the father bury his childpic

In peace the son bury his father, in war the father bury his child

(I'm sorry of posting it. I know it's crude. But sometimes facing the real images of death help to understand. Pics of bombings don't help…
asherah Mar 11, 2012


So. I had quite a funny saturday. I invited some friends to visit Orte Undergroung and we had some fun exploring places only me and few…
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asherah Mar 10, 2012
The play.pic

The play.

And when they have nothing left to play with, because all is destroyed... they play with a shell...   Yesterday in Al-Khalil (Hebron) two child died while…
asherah Mar 07, 2012
Day 12 - The songs that helps you to sleep Rino Gaetano - 68pic

Day 12 - The songs that helps you to sleep (Rino Gaetano - 6/8)

Actually I'm used to fall asleep with hardcore stuff in my ears. But lately I started to find relaxing to listen to that song before…
asherah Mar 06, 2012

Maybe an elaborate fantasy....

but it's a perfect place to start 'cause a heart that hurts is a heart that works (Bright Lights - Placebo)   You know. We all wish we'd never suffer…
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asherah Feb 19, 2012
Wildciraz feat. Dj Tommyboy and Malaisevid

Wildciraz (feat. Dj Tommyboy and Malaise)

Watch this video and listen to the song if you can. And if you want spread it around a really bit. It's a friend of mine.
asherah Feb 18, 2012
Reminds me of the summer time on this winter's day Day 11 - A song by your favourite band - Placebo - The Bitter Endpic

Reminds me of the summer time on this winter's day (Day 11 - A song by your favourite band - Placebo - The Bitter End)

Oh right...Placebo isn't my favourite band, Green Day is, but lately I'm stuck with them and my brains can't focus on anything less.'s snowing, again…
asherah Feb 11, 2012
Now I know what a Blizzard is...pic

Now I know what a Blizzard is...

Belive me...I've never seen so much snow in Italy! On thursday I had to stay in Viterbo all day because we needed to group study for…
asherah Feb 11, 2012's really this way.pic's really this way.

If you study archeology the first thing you learn is to get used to comments like: "'re like Indiana Jones" or "Ohhh so you go…
asherah Feb 10, 2012
Day 10 - The song you'd like to listen on the radio Placebo's Italian Version of Soulmatesvid

Day 10 - The song you'd like to listen on the radio (Placebo's Italian Version of Soulmates)

Ah! I had to make a video post for this entry because you truly should listen to it. The lyrics of this song are usually breath taking…
asherah Feb 09, 2012
Day 9 - A Song That Makes You Dance Joy Division - Trasmissionpic

Day 9 - A Song That Makes You Dance (Joy Division - Trasmission)

I felt like having something colourful! The sun is gone far far away from here. Italy is drowning in snow and it isn't even funny…
asherah Feb 08, 2012

My Hometown - Orte

Orte is a tufaceous rock along the river Tevere, 40 minutes away from Rome. The first attempt at occupaing that rock are dated back to Bronze…
asherah Feb 07, 2012


Orte with snow looks like a scene ripped from a creche :D It's so beautiful. This pic was taken from the woods around the town while we…
asherah Feb 05, 2012
Day 8 - The song of which you now all the lyrics Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreamspic

Day 8 - The song of which you now all the lyrics (Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

I also had an argument with a guy online, few days ago, he was saying that lyrics aren't important in music. I disagree, completely. I got a…
asherah Feb 04, 2012


So yesterday it snowed all day and we had around 20 centimeters of snow in the country in town there was less but we had some fun…
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asherah Feb 04, 2012
Day 7 - The song that reminds you of moment Baccar - Yes sir, I can boogiepic

Day 7 - The song that reminds you of moment (Baccarà - Yes sir, I can boogie)

I missed some days of the project but here I am.   I don't know if you ever listened to that song but it's just...oh....crazy! ah ah…
asherah Feb 02, 2012
Oh...I'm so sorry!pic

Oh...I'm so sorry!

I've been busy with university and work these days and I had no time to be up or think about a post. This is a pic…
asherah Feb 01, 2012
Day 6 - The song that reminds you of a place Luca Carboni - Mare Marevid

Day 6 - The song that reminds you of a place (Luca Carboni - Mare Mare)

I guess you never heard this song so I tought I may post a video for this entry.   This song reminds me of Scauri and how…
asherah Jan 29, 2012
Nights came too late and Mornings came too soon....pic

Nights came too late and Mornings came too soon....

Those are my friends and excavations' mates in Pula's main square. We used to cheer a lot and drink all we had and make it until…
asherah Jan 28, 2012

Day 5 - A song that reminds you of someone (Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends)

"Here comes the rain again falling from the stars drenched in my pain again becoming who we are As my memory rests but never forgets what I've lost Wake me up…
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asherah Jan 27, 2012
I've never been an extrovert but I'm still breathing...pic

I've never been an extrovert but I'm still breathing...

One year ago I was in Helsinki. It was my first trip all alone and it was great! I just spent 8 days in complete…
asherah Jan 26, 2012
Day 3 - The song that makes you happy AFI - Days of the Phoenixpic

Day 3 - The song that makes you happy (AFI - Days of the Phoenix)

Oh, I fell into yesterday oh, our dreams seemed not far away I want to, I want to, I want to stay Oh, I fell into fantasy... Nothing could…
asherah Jan 25, 2012


This isn't a tomb as many may think, but an house completely excavated into a rock. It still has all the post holes inside for…
asherah Jan 24, 2012

Day 2 - Your second favourite song (Joy Division - Ceremony)

"This is why events unnerve me they find it all a different story notice whom for wheels are turning turn again and turn towards this time All she asks…
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asherah Jan 24, 2012

Water Mill (or what's left of it)

So, the survey around the woods was more about having fun than to really discover something. That because all the rests and ruins have always…
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asherah Jan 22, 2012


yuk..I sailed safely through the Tyrrhenian Sea many times but I must admit that it isn't the safest way to travel besides the fact that you must…
asherah Jan 20, 2012
Old old old old old sculpturepic

Old old old old old sculpture.....and me.

That's a very old imagine in the world. Seems like in the Neolithic it was a world wide globalised use to make such kind of…
asherah Jan 19, 2012
Ships are always unsinkable but men are always unreliable.pic

Ships are always unsinkable but men are always unreliable.

Have you heard about that shipwreck in Italy? It's a really bad story, the ship was traveling too close to Giglio Island and crashed into a…
asherah Jan 18, 2012
They miss so much it hurts...pic

They miss so much it hurts...

Ministri are on a break, a long break... This was the last time I've seen them two months ago....I miss them a lot actually. The pic is…
asherah Jan 17, 2012
What's helping?vid

What's helping?

I had a period where music was not a big part of life for me...and I guess this was the lowest part I went. As you…
asherah Jan 16, 2012

Being away for far too long....

"So I haven't given up, but all my choices my good luck appear to go and get me stuck in an open prison. Now I…
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asherah Jan 15, 2012


And having no more space for them... I think I got a bit over taken by books lately. My bookshelf had a little breakdown and just…
asherah Aug 10, 2011
My talking cricketpic

My talking cricket

this morning I almost stepped on this on my fun? did you know that in Cina they use to breed crickets as pets? and did…
asherah Jul 30, 2011


One of the biggest activities we did in Cyprus was eating. We like had full lunch and dinner each single day we've been there...which means tons…
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asherah Jul 20, 2011

Il Bel Canto

There is a particular song Ministri always play and it is actually made in acoustic with only a guitar. So basically Fede and Divi are left…
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asherah Jun 28, 2011


Rose petals under a neon light...
asherah Jun 25, 2011

Here's the so, so wanted traslation! :D

I’m sorry for the really really bad translations but it’s a paradox: in Italian this is an easy text because is just a long list…
asherah Jun 23, 2011
Ministri - Noi Fuorivid

Ministri - Noi Fuori

New video. It was made all inside a CPT in Milan (for CPT here we mean squats), by a collettive of artists. It took only 800 euros…
asherah Jun 21, 2011
Happy as a little kid on Christmaspic

Happy as a little kid on Christmas

Ministri had like, their biggest opportunity in life. One of those opportunities that happen once and that not everyone can be lucky enough to meet. The…
asherah Jun 18, 2011

I'm still alive!

Hei! I'm busy having exams in these days. That's why I'm not here too much and I won't send messages or comments. It's just too hectic. I'm…
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asherah Jun 15, 2011


Those are some of my creations made with afghan lapislazuli beads. Lapislazuli was considered a magic stone in the Near East. People tought it was the…
asherah Jun 03, 2011
Donkey....just around the cornerpic

Donkey....just around the corner

donkeys are getting rare even in Italy but you can still find someone using them in small places, where its difficult to go around with cars
asherah Jun 02, 2011
Milan is free...Italy is still trying....pic

Milan is free...Italy is still trying....

Today we had the final session of elections for Milan and Neaples' majors. The two candidates from the left won in both cities with a great…
asherah May 30, 2011

Endless streets of the City of Deads

Cerveteri's necropolis is a true city, with roads, main streets and fountains. It should have been a really busy place since the street still have…
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asherah May 30, 2011
Song in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni - Onadekom with subtitlesvid

Song in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni - Onadekom (with subtitles)

Vittorio was a friend and a hero, a role model for me an my friends. He took his ideals to the most, deciding to live…
asherah May 29, 2011
Jules says thank to Miyapic

Jules says thank to Miya

Ah this postcard traveled for more than a month to come in Italy from Malaysia!! I'm so happy, nobody ever sent a postcard from such a far…
asherah May 27, 2011
Did you remember winter time?pic

Did you remember winter time?

I don't know you but here it's hot as hell and I already can't take all this sun. Can't think of my low pressure in…
asherah May 24, 2011
Look up!pic

Look up!

We've been surveying in the land around Orte. The rock you see here was originally the sea bottom, some millions years ago.
asherah May 23, 2011

Proud Mother

My aunt Wanda, bridegroom's mother, during the function.
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asherah May 17, 2011


Today is Mommy Day in Italy (or in the world, I don't know) so I tought I could post a pic of my mom. Sometimes I…
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asherah May 08, 2011

Thanks Livia!

My friend Livia was the first to run away from front row's mess and I gave her my cam so it would have been safe…
2 new pics
asherah May 03, 2011


Go, have a tour into Ministri's official site. Finally, after 5 years!
asherah Apr 30, 2011
Oxigen Sold Outpic

Oxigen Sold Out

Sooo...I never told you but yesterday I had my dreaded new Ministri's gig. I'm sorry I didn't make so many pics as I wanted to but…
asherah Apr 30, 2011

Beach house for lucky birds

some days the beach
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asherah Apr 27, 2011
Happy Liberation Day!!!pic

Happy Liberation Day!!!

25 April 1945 Remember, o citizen, this day teach it to your children and to yours children's children tell them how a country in riot one day freed itself from the oppressor and…
asherah Apr 25, 2011
Take your burden...pic

Take your burden...

A pic from our uber old Good Day's procession. It isn't the classic "via dolorosa" as you can see, it's more like a walk around…
asherah Apr 24, 2011
Stay Humanpic

Stay Human

Waiting for Vittorio's funeral on Sunday
asherah Apr 22, 2011
The Clouds' Factorypic

The Clouds' Factory

This factory was blowing white fumes all day long, I guess it is just water vapor It was a clear day and the only thing in…
asherah Apr 21, 2011


This is a clay crucible used to smelt copper. It goes straight into the hearth with the mineral inside and after something like one hour…
asherah Apr 20, 2011
Give snow back!pic

Give snow back!

Helsinki the bay in front of Kauppatori, market's square.
asherah Apr 17, 2011


Vittori Arrigoni has been murdered this morning. No one will ever take out of my mind the tought that Israel killed him. As no one will…
asherah Apr 15, 2011


News are that Italian volunteer Vittorio Arrigoni has been kidnapped in Gaza by a Salafite Group. They said that if Hamas won't free some 30 Salafite…
asherah Apr 14, 2011
Eiffel's night effectspic

Eiffel's night effects

It was hard to make pics of the Tour Eiffel when they flashed all the light games on
asherah Apr 13, 2011


From this mineral you smelt copper. Ancient people (and I'm talking about very ancient people, some 8000 years before christ) first started to use it to…
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asherah Apr 12, 2011
Put yourself in line...pic

Put yourself in line...

I don't know why people is always so keen on making lines when on holiday! They take it so easily, even if Italians they stay quiet…
asherah Apr 11, 2011
Ebih-Il from Maripic

Ebih-Il from Mari

Meet my friend Ebih-Il high superintendent of Mari. Mari was a city in the middle of Eufrate's path in the easter part of Siria, founded around…
asherah Apr 10, 2011

Your lips shine like cherie

but your tears bring a little London for me Berlin can never be so cold as you leave... Baby won't you dance with me into the night into…
2 new pics
asherah Apr 07, 2011

Thousands of Italian women in Berlusconi protest

We were far more than 100.000, official countings says there were around one million women and men in Italy's streets today. I wasn't in Rome unfortunately…
asherah Feb 13, 2011
Ministri's new video answering the question What can you do to make a city like Milan look beautiful?vid

Ministri's new video answering the question "What can you do to make a city like Milan look beautiful?"

The director is Fabio D'Orta, the girl you see in the video is Sofia from Iori's Eyes band, check them out.
asherah Jan 22, 2011
Ministri - Il Bel Cantovid

Ministri - Il Bel Canto

So. My vid! I wasn't in the front row this time 'cause one of my friend wasn't in the mood to be around sweaty people. Anyway…
asherah Nov 14, 2010
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